6 Body Piercing Trends You Are Likely To See In 2018

Author: Admin   Date Posted:28 March 2018 

Body piercing has been a fashion trend amidst the youth for many years now. From A-list celebrities to your average Joe, most of them have a piercing somewhere about their person.

Body piercings can be done on almost any body part and some of them are dangerous while others are quite interesting.


Here is a list of body piercing trends that you are sure to see this year.


Daith piercing

This is a piercing done inside the ear. The shaped structure inside the year is pierced and an embellished earring is inserted into the earring. The most stylish earring in 2018 for the daith-piercing is hoops.


This being said, daith piercings are somewhat painful and can take up to a year to heal completely. Despite this, proper care of a daith piercing during the healing process ensures that you have a unique piercing.


Nose piercing

Although this has been around for many years, nose piercing continues to be a trend even in 2018. Most people prefer small nose piercings and the most worn jewelry when it comes to a nose piercing are small, thin hoops. The trend of nose piercings has risen by almost 200 percent over the last few years.


Lip piercing

Lip piercing too continues to be a trend this year. In lip piercings, either the upper lip or the lower lip is pierced. It is minimalist and daring. Once again hoops continue to be the most worn jewelry in lip piercing.


Septum piercings

Septum piercings are daring and slightly painful. The septum is the bone that separates the nose. Septum piercings are minimalist and involve a very thin hoop around the outer line of the septum.


Lower lobe piercings

While it is common to see piercings in the ear lobe, the latest trend for this year is the stacked lobe piercing. It involves multiple piercings on the ear lobe and multiple pieces of embellished earrings are inserted through the piercings. If done right, stacked lobe piercings look very good.


Industrial piercings

Upper lobe piercings have been taken to a whole new level. The latest trends in upper lobe piercing include piercing two points of the outer ear to resemble a diagonal. A single, long earring is inserted into the ear through this piercing and the result is a very elegant, minimalist, and daring look.


It is best to get such a piercing from an experienced piercer as getting the piercings right requires precision.

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