4 Piercing Trends That were Popular in the 1990s and are Back Again

Author: Admin   Date Posted:13 February 2019 

Body piercings have been around for as long as people and civilisation have been. Today, body piercing is a form of art and a bold statement. It is an expression of an individual's personality and inner self. Body piercings, however, were very much a part of the ancient customs of several cultures. Piercings played an important role in the ancient Egyptian, Indian and Aztec culture.


In several Asian cultures, piercings were thought to have medicinal benefits akin to those of acupuncture.


Piercings as a fashion statement became widely popular in the 1990s. It was only then that piercings became a popular trend with people getting everything from their earlobes to their genitals pierced.

Some of the piercing trends that were once popular in the 1990s have come into business once again, nearly two decades later.


Here are the 4 popular piercing trends in the 1990s that are back again:


The earlobe piercing

This is undeniably the most popular body piercing of all time. Across the globe, ear piercings are a common trend and it was the same even in the 1990s. In fact, teenagers were rushing to get their ears pierced at the time despite being forbidden by their parents.


The classic ear piercing involved a single piercing on the lobe that was adorned by a simple stud.


The nose piercing

Nose piercings were the sign of a classic Goth girl back in the 1990s. Nose piercings have been associated with a dark, grim personality. Today, nose piercings no longer come with such a tag.


The classic nose piercing was adorned by a simple nose ring in the 90s and it continues to be just the same even today.


The navel piercing

Navel piercings became all the rage in 1993 after a video by Aerosmith featuring actress Alicia Silverstone was released. In the video, Alicia had her navel pierced and it set off the trend of navel piercings. Very soon, teenage girls were trying to follow Silverstone.


In 2018, navel piercings continue to be a thing and are in fact, quite popular.


The septum piercing

As painful as it sounds, septum piercings were quite popular in the 90s and continue to be even today. Septum piercings were part of the punk culture and were seen as a symbol of rebellion.


Today, even top celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have flaunted their septum piercings making it quite a popular trend in 2018.

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