How to prepare for your first body piercing

Author: Admin   Date Posted:23 August 2019 

Getting your first body piercing is an important step in your life. As such, you want to be well prepared to make sure that the entire process is a success. Besides, proper preparation will guide you to know what to expect and thereby avoid unnecessary anxiety. The following are a few tips on how to prepare for your first body piercing.

1. Find a piercing shop with a good reputation

You should get your first body piercing done at a shop that is highly rated for having the best services. As such, seek recommendations from friends, family, and body piercing enthusiasts to identify the best shop in your area. At a reputable shop, you will get excellent customer care, a comfortable and clean environment, advanced equipment, and high professionalism. Besides, reputable shops have a selection of high-quality body jewellery from which you can choose.

2. Get a professional body piercer

Body piercing entails putting holes in your body. As such, you should get your piercings done by a professional. A proficient piercer knows the human body and will advise you on the best areas to pierce. Furthermore, expert piercers practice proper sterilisation of piercing equipment and workstations to prevent cross-contamination. Professional piercers also offer after-care services to avoid infections and ensure that your piercings heal safely. Overall, you will feel more comfortable getting your piercings done by a professional. 

3. When going to get the piercing

On the day of the piercing, make sure that your body is clean. Having a smelly body will only make your piercer uncomfortable. Secondly, wear loose-fitting clothes during and after piercing. Tight-fitting clothes will irritate your new piercing. Thirdly, do not use any drugs or consume alcohol before you get the piercing. You can quickly get out of control when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Lastly, inform your piercer if you have any medical conditions that can interfere with the procedure. The aim is to have a safe piercing session without any health complications.


Image Credit ; True Belly Button Piercing by kaderyn licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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