Body piercing is an increasingly accepted aesthetic

Author: Admin   Date Posted:8 October 2019 

You don't have to look far back to find a time when piercings, body jewellery, and all forms of body art were a strange taboo that signalled a disconnection from social norms. These unfair stereotypes have been shattered in recent years as people the world over, from practically every different background, have found in body art an outlet for self-expression.

For many of us who hold an interest in body art and body jewellery, but who were potentially scared of the practice because of those social prohibitions, this signals a fantastic new world where aesthetic self-expression is becoming more widely accepted. For example, among English women aged 16-24, just over 46% have a piercing other than their earlobes ( This popularity should come as no surprise. The earliest instance of piercing found by archaeologists was from 2500BC, showing that it has been part of civilisation for thousands of years.

The My Body Piercing Jewellery team are delighted by such growth in acceptance (and not just because more people are buying body jewellery!). As society has changed to become more accepting of body art, it means that the social conventions within which we all live have begun to change to better reflect the diversity of the community. Instead of marginalisation, we should all be aiming for inclusivity, and nothing signals that more than changes in the way people are "allowed" to look. The mainstreaming of different ideas simply increases the choices we all have available to us, so that we can feel comfortable and happy expressing ourselves the way we want, without fear of recrimination or misunderstanding.

So if you've always wanted to experiment with body art and body jewellery, there has never been a better time to try it out. Body jewellery is now more acceptable in the workplace too, so if you have always felt like you couldn't show your true self at work, perhaps it's time to give it a go! The growth of body art in society is the freedom to choose your aesthetic, and we should all embrace that freedom as much as we desire.


Image credit: Daith piercing by khrystunaA licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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