Choosing your first body piercing: places that can be pierced

Author: Admin   Date Posted:22 February 2020 

After gathering the courage to receive your first piercing and conquering your fear of needles, your next decision will be the location on your body. It can be quite daunting what piercing to get with so many options available. Here are four different first time piercing places to think about.


Ear jewellery is diverse. Apart from earlobe piercings, you can get cartilage piercings such as tragus, industrial and rook. You might even already have this on you, but since it’s considered one of the least painful locations for a piercing, it’s still an excellent location to introduce you into the piercing lifestyle. The helix is popular among teens but is sometimes forgotten. It is also an excellent location to amp up the piercing choice.

Finger piercing

A finger piercing is done at the base of your finger, typically around where you’d wear a ring. Unlike many other piercing types, this single-point piercing does not go out to the other side. It, therefore, needs a professional to perform it on you. This type of piercing also requires a different kind of jewellery called a dermal anchor base.

The nose

While jumping right into facial piercings might be a big risk for you, a nose piercing is a pretty straightforward type of piercing. A nose piercing is quite elegant and simple if you’re not sure how a piercing would look on you.


This is located in the innermost fold of your ear. Daith piercings have gained popularity due to a belief that they can help anxiety related migraines. A daith piercing is cool because it’s hidden and can surprise people once they see it on you.

We hope this information helps you make that critical decision on where you want your first piercing to be located. Remember to reflect on how a specific piercing would look on you and not based on pictures of other people. Once you have tested the waters, you can always go back for more. My Body Piercing Jewellery is an online store selling jewellery worldwide. Browse our website and pick your best selections.


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