Fascinating Titanium

Author: Admin   Date Posted:10 August 2018 

Titanium has been known since 1791, although it came into its own in the 1950’s after methods to isolate it became more practical for industry.


Since then it has become one of the most useful metals in society, used in aircraft, spacecraft, auto parts, marine applications and many more including, of course, body jewellery due to its bio-compatibility, light weight and hospital friendly qualities (it can even go through an MRI, making it useful for long term medical implants).

Strong, light, piercing jewellery that is non-toxic and can be worn anywhere, titanium is excellent for first piercings and long term placements.

Titanium plated surgical steel is a great choice for those who appreciate the durability of titanium finish in piercings where weight is not an issue.

Titanium can also be anodized to give a wide variety of vivid colours in a durable finish.

Enjoy your favourite piercings without allergy issues, see our titanium range available now.

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