Five myths about body piercing

Author: Admin   Date Posted:23 August 2019 

Five myths about body piercing Despite having been practised around the world for thousands of years, a host of myths and untruths about body piercing continue to circulate. If you’re considering investing in a new piece of body jewellery but have been put off by rumours surrounding the piercing process, take a look at our list of common myths to put your mind at rest and to learn a little bit more about this age-old art:

Myth #1: Piercings invite infection

Whilst it is true that piercings require certain types of after-care, professional piercing establishments should take all necessary precautions to eliminate your chances of infection. This includes stringently cleaning and disinfecting all of the instruments used during the procedure, as well as properly sanitising the jewellery before use.

Myth #2: Nipple piercings can affect breast feeding

A common myth that prevents people from having their nipples pierced is the notion that it will negatively affect their ability to breastfeed. This is simply untrue. Lactating individuals with pierced nipples simply need to remember to remove their jewellery before breastfeeding, as well as cleaning the area before removal and insertion.

Myth #3: Twisting your new jewellery will aid the healing process

It is often claimed that moving and twisting your jewellery will help to heal a new piercing and stop it from getting stuck. In fact, the opposite is true. Playing with a new piercing too much can encourage bacteria to enter the piercing channel and cause serious irritation. It can also impinge on the skin’s healing abilities. As a general rule, try to keep your hands away from new piercings.

Myth #4: Piercing is very painful

Whilst pain is, of course, a subjective and very personal experience, most people can handle body piercing procedures very easily. If you have any worries before going through with a procedure, talk to a piercing professional about ways to relax. Remember that piercings take hardly any time, and the satisfaction you gain from your new jewellery is likely to make it well worth it!

Myth #5: MRI machines can rip out body jewellery

Whilst MRI machines can warm up metal body jewellery, they do not have the power to rip it out of a person’s skin. Most people prefer to take their jewellery out before undergoing an MRI scan, but rest assured that nothing bad will happen if you forget!

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