Halloween Costume Ideas That Use Body Piercing Jewellery

Author: Admin   Date Posted:9 March 2019 

If you have a body piercing, Halloween is the perfect time to really put it to good use. There are thousands of creative costumes that could use a piece of body piercing jewellery to really take them to next level.

Whether you’re looking for a risqué costume idea or just to elevate a classic, this list has something in it for everyone.

Cats Eye Belly Bar Candy Woman

Yes, the name’s a mouthful, but aren’t candy costumes supposed to be an attack on the senses? Go with a lot of colourful swirling patterns, psychedelic visuals, and candy floss frills.

You can also dye cotton pink and glue it to yourself in different places to really sweeten things up. Candy cane nails are always a hit as well.

Add these cats eye bell bars for a really trippy look. Every time light shines on them, they shimmer beautifully. All eyes will be on you this Halloween!

Friends Who Are Stars

Superhero outfits are classic. If you’re going to Halloween as Captain America (In the post-Infinity War world we live in, the choice is going to be a popular one), it’s important to get the aesthetic right.

So you have your blue outfit with the stars and stripes. You even have found yourself a shield that you can dye in his colours. Congratulations, you have yourself a generic Captain America outfit. How do you stand out though?

How about these turquoise star plugs to announce your presence every time you enter a room? They not only scream Captain America, but they’re also quite stunning as well.

Risqué Vamp

Is your Halloween party a lot more... adult? No worries. Going as a risqué vamp is a great outfit idea that is sure to turn heads if done right.

We suggest going with the cape and pants, but forgoing the shirt altogether. Coupled with the right set of vampire teeth, you’re already in the running for having the best costume of the night.

To really cement the costume as iconic, however, this fangs nipple cuff is perfect. Just be prepared for a whole night of ooh-ing and ah-ing when you pass people by.

Matching Double Heart Ring

Nothing says you’re in love like matching body jewellery. It not just shows commitment, it’s the perfect accessory to really bring cohesion to you and your significant other’s costume, especially if you’re dressed in different costumes.

We suggest this double heart daith ring. Not only does it scream sophistication, but it’s also understated enough that it won’t clash, no matter what your outfit is.

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