Professional Pointers: What Piercers want you to know before you go in for a Piercing

Author: Admin   Date Posted:28 May 2019 

People have been getting piercings for a long time, historically speaking. At the same time, people going in for their first piercing often don’t even know what to expect. They may enter the jewellery shop with all kinds of strange ideas which is what professional piercers often see as quite a bugger!

If you’re looking to go in for that first piercing and don’t know what is what, no drama! We’ve got some pointers to help.

Here’s What You Need to Know before Going in for a Piercing

We’ve come up with a list of things that professional piercers wish their clients knew before coming in. Go through this list before you get your piercing and you’ll be right!

Guns are Rubbish

If someone ever told you that getting a piercing using a gun is a good idea they probably did not know what they were on about. Apart from being imprecise and prone to getting stuck or jammed, piercing with a gun is done with a dull stud (which is then left in the ear).

This aggressive manner of piercing causes tissue damage in the ear which then means the ear takes massive amounts of time to heal. Infections due to the use of piercing guns are also not uncommon.

Careful with Aftercare Instructions

Different people might offer you different aftercare tips. Your mate from school or uni might say one thing while the bloke at the jewellery store might say another. When it comes to aftercare instructions for your new piercing, don’t listen to anyone but the professional you got your piercing from.

Further, if you feel the professional in question is not particularly experienced (an obvious tell is if they use a piercing gun for the job), go to a piercer who is. Remember, the wrong after care can cause some serious complications!

Metal Jewellery Doesn’t Stick

If you get a new piercing, you might feel that the same is getting stuck in your ear a few days in. When the piercing is embedded, what this means is that the skin around it has healed well. Sticking is related to soreness and swelling which is normal earlier during the healing process.

The problem however, is that people tend to fiddle with their jewellery to prevent it from getting stuck. It is important to know that if you buy good quality metal jewellery, it does not stick to your skin. The sticking sensation is caused due to swelling of the pierced area.

The best way forward in this case is to have your piercing jewellery replaced with something larger (but not thicker), by a professional.

The Difference between Infection and Irritation

Fresh piercings get a little sore in the early days more often than not. This could include redness, itching, mild swelling and sometimes even a little pus leakage near the pierced area. In most cases however, this is simply irritation that will pass if left alone. Infections are extremely painful.

Further, for the most part, these are only possible to contract through shoddy aftercare in the early days post your piercing.

If you suspect infection, it helps to get in touch with your piercer before you freak out and rush for medical support!

Drop the Haggling

Sure there may be outlets and places that may charge a massive amount of money because they‘re located in areas or malls which may charge more by way of rent. At the same time a good piercing from a sanitary professional will cost you.

For this reason it is in bad taste to haggle. What you’re paying for is hygiene, skill, expertise and reliability. Getting piercings done from overly cheap places just because you think it’s a good way to save is a bad idea!


The more open you are with your piercing professional, the better off you will be. Don’t be afraid to communicate. Talk to them. Tell them about your preferences and limitations by way of care. As for advice if needed and be clear on what it is you’re looking for.

The better your communication, the better the work!

Take the Advice that Is Given

Finally, don’t just hear what your professional has to say and then go on to do your own thing. The advice they give you is meant to keep you safe so it is best that you heed it!

Winding Down

There may be other things that your piercing professionals would appreciate you knew in advance. That being said, the pointers above should do just fine for now!

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