Summer Belly Bling

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With summer on its way the perennial crop top is going to be seen everywhere, and that means a chance to show off some new bling, navel style, with designers everywhere coming up with the new in recognition of the fact that belly piercings never go out of style.

A sexy midriff piercing always attracts the eye, male or female, with sly wit as highly regarded as sparkle, after all, if your target has to focus for an extra moment to decode it, it’s more focus on you, and a conversational running start…….

With the current trend of minimalist style a simple gold bar, glittering and shining, can be both alluring and decorous and wear-it-anywhere-able but for the evening that goes to the wee hours a stand out gem studded oval or top-drop shows your extroverted side.

Don’t wait till summer is dying to show off that beautiful belly, get something new that’ll catch those first hot rays of the sun.

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