What Am I Wearing: The Ultimate List of My Favorite Jewellery

Author: Admin   Date Posted:28 March 2019 

It’s not just the right shoes that can help us ladies conquer the world, accessorizing ourselves with the right jewellery is just as important. This is because the right jewellery instills confidence in you like nothing else!

Looking for some jewelry inspiration? Take a sneak peek at what I am wearing right now and decide which piece you like the best.


Teardrop Gem Eyebrow


Any look is incomplete without an amazing eyebrow jewel. Right now, I am wearing this gorgeous Teardrop Gem Eyebrow bar in Rose Gold that goes well with both, casual and fancy wear.






Princess Cut X Dermal Top


My Right Outer Conch piercing has a 14G internally threaded labret bar with an 8mm Princess Cut X Dermal Top in Rose Gold. It simply can’t get any better than this!









Butterfly Heart Ring


My Right Daith piercing has a Butterfly Heart Ring in Rose Gold which might be the cutest piece in my collection.








Triangle Gem Labret


Amp up your look with these, super-amazing Triangle Gem Labret , just like I did! Both my Tragus piercings have these cute, glittery triangles in Rose Gold.






Blasted Heart Screw Fit Plugs


12mm Blasted Heart Screw Fit Plugs suit me the best. No wonder, my lobes currently have an astonishingly gorgeous pair of them.








Princess Gem Nose Bone


Want to stand out from the crowd? Try wearing this Princess Gem Nose Bone in Rose Gold. It’s my favorite!









Gem Twist Ring


Septum piercing has this gorgeous Gem Twist Ring in Rose Gold with clear gems. You can get them in different colors to match all your outfits.








Clear Gem Labret


Can’t go wrong with a classic Rose Gold Clear Gem when it comes to Labret piercing.








Mermaid Nipple Bars


Just how gorgeous are these stunning Mermaid Nipple Bars in Rose Gold with an amazing shade of blue!








Mermaid Belly Bar


I fell in love with this Mermaid Belly Bar the moment I saw it. Currently, I am wearing it with blue!








Remember, it’s always the tiny details that add up to give you a look that can make you feel like you are on the top of the world!

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