The 5 Best Metals For Piercings

Author: Admin   Date Posted:23 June 2018 

Body piercings are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Piercings have been around for decade, but it only recently that it has come to make as much of a fashion statement as it does today.

Getting your body pierced is a bold move surely, but it is important to read up a bit about getting pierced. It is important to get your piercings done by a certified piercer in sterile environment. Also, it is important to be aware of which metals are the safest for piercings and require minimal care. Certain metals can give rise to infections and slow down the process of recovery.

Here are five of the safest metals for body piercings.


TImplant grade Titanium is biocompatible and is even used in surgical implants. The chances of infection are very less when Titanium is used for piercings as it is resistant to body fluids and is lightweight. Despite the cost, Titanium offers comfort and allows the piercing to heal faster.

Implant grade surgical stainless steel

Surgical stainless steel is often used in surgical implants such as knee and hip replacements. Like Titanium, surgical steel is biocompatible and resistant to body fluids. It is the most commonly used metal when it comes to piercings. However, surgical stainless steel does contain traces of nickel and is not suitable for people who are sensitive to nickel.


Tygon is a type of plastic and not really a metal. It is used when an individual is allergic to any kind of metal. Tygon is flexible and does not pose any risk as compared to metallic piercings. In fact, pregnant women are advised to replace their metal belly button piercings with Tygon if they happen to have such piercings.


Niobium is used for body piercings because it is hypoallergenic and is a better alternative for people who are sensitive to metals. In addition, it is lightweight and minimizes any discomfort for the wearer. Niobium is anodized to get different colors. This means that no dyes or coloring agents are used in coloring jewellery made from Niobium. This makes Niobium even safer for piercings.


18 karat gold is normally used for piercings. Except for people who are allergic to gold, the metal is safe and since gold is an inert metal, it generally does not react with body fluids. Gold helps piercings to heal faster and there is reduced risk of infections.

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