Who qualifies for the 'Professionals/Piercers' discount?

Professional piercers with a business name and ABN.


What is your minimum order total?

We have a minimum order total of only $300 to qualify for our wholesale pricing.

Orders under $300 still qualify for our Everyday Discounts pricing structure.


Do I have to purchase large quantities of items?

No, you can purchase 1 piece of a style and still get the wholesale discount, as long as the order total meets our minimum.


Is there anything that is excluded from the Professional/Piercers discount offer?

Gift Cards/Vouchers are the only item that is excluded from direct discounts.


What are your payment terms for Professionals/Piercers?

All orders placed through our website are Pre-Paid. 


How do I place orders through your 'Professional/Piercers' platform?

Simply register for an account with MBPJ. Go to 'My Account' and fill in your details, including Business Name and ABN.

After registering, submit the form below and we will review your registration. 


Wholesale Enquiry Form Complete and submit this form after Registering for an account